Wallen GPS Antennae

A high quality range of externally-mounted antennae for a wide range of

Global Positioning System (GPS) applications.

The multi-purpose Scorpion adds a single or

dual band omni-directional radiator

  • Super-compact and high performancegpsgroup2

  • GPS gain of 26dB approx

  • High performance co-axial feeders



Improved GPS performance from a tough and compact antenna design

As more devices (such as PDAs) add the functionality of a Global Positioning System, Wallen GPS Antennae will meet the growing need for greater signal strength and reliability coupled with physical unobtrusiveness.

For maximum portability between temporary applications, the Wallen GPS Magmount provides high performance with instant fixing to a steel surface without the need for holes or fixing tools. Where a more permanent solution is required, the Wallen GPS Bodymount provides a very neat and discreet solution for internal bolting through a metal panel.

For situations where a GPS is combined with other applications such as cellular phones or radio transceivers, the Wallen Scorpion multi-band antenna is ideal. This unique body-mounted GPS antenna has the additional  capacity to take a vertical single or multi-band omni-directional radiating element. The neat black base accommodates separate coaxial feeders for the GPS and the radiator.

Radiators can be supplied for different frequency requirements to suit most single or multi-band applications ...or can be supplied in a generous length, with a quarter wave cutting chart. Radiating elements can be interchanged using a common M4 screw fixing.

For additional multiplexing requirements see Wallen Signal Filters.

In addition to these externally mounted units, Wallen can also provide GPS antennae for internal mounting . These include a glass mounting unit which has the same dimensions as the Magmount, and the Tri-Com GPS.