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Wallen Antennae - Delta Range

delta1The Wallen Delta Mount Vehicle Antenna System is an easy-to-install series of bases and masts that combine strength, flexibility and high quality with exceptional performance and at very competitive prices.

The standard range of bases comprises through-hole, magnetic and boot lip mounting options, plus ground plane versions for use on vehicles with non-metallic body panels. Fixed position or hinged screw-in masts complete the antenna assembly and are available in a range of options to cover VHF, UHF, GSM and PCN wavebands.

A major feature of the mast design is the incorporation of air coil technology on gain models. This provides major performance benefits compared with moulded coil designs where encapsulation of the coil affects the electrical properties and, therefore, the overall performance.

The Delta Mount Vehicle Antenna System is validated for use on all Police and Emergency service vehicles. The advanced super low loss design is the result of extensive R&D and incorporates Air Coil technology on gain models. The system design enables reductions to be made in RFI problems, potentially a source of interference in vehicle electronics and also of concern in EMC safety.   In addition to the standard range, antennae compatible with the Delta Mount system can also be designed and manufactured to meet special requirements.


Wallen Antennae - Panel Mount

basegenThrough Hole Bases Standard through hole fixing bases will accommodate the complete range of hinged and fixed masts and can be supplied with the following three optional cable terminations:

PB039 basereach2supplied with 5 metres of factory  fitted, RG58 C/U Mil C17 co-axial cable


supplied with an integral FME socket


supplied as a base only for simple  termination by the installer. For applications where cabling already exists (ie: antenna replacement).

When fitted from outside the vehicle these bases require a 19mm diameter hole, but if fitted from inside the vehicle a 12mm diameter hole is sufficient.

The novel design of the earthing contacts prevents damage to external body panels whilst ensuring excellent earth contact.

Wallen Antennae - Alternative Mount

Magnetic, Boot lip & Ground Plane Bases

Magnetic and boot lip mounting bases provide fixing methods which do not require holes to be drilled in the bodywork. In common with the through hole versions, they also accommodate the complete range of screw-on hinged and fixed masts.

All Delta System through hole bases can be supplied in Ground Plane versions.

mag PB044
Magnetic fixing base, supplied with 5 metres of factory-fitted RG58 C/U Mil C17 co-axial cable.


Base for fixing to boot lip, supplied with 5 metres of factory-fitted RG58 C/U Mil C17 co-axial cable.



These comprise three brass radials which are fitted to through hole bases. Approximately 1/4 wavelength long, they are positioned at 120o intervals and  provide a highly effective solution for vehicles with non-metallic body shells or panels.


Wallen Antennae - Hinged Antennas

Delta Mount Vehicle Antenna System - Hinged

The Delta Mount system utilises a range of screw-in masts covering VHF, UHF, GSM and PCN wavebands. The standard range comprises both the hinged versions shown below and fixed position (straight) versions. In addition to these, Delta Mount compatible masts can also be designed to suit specific applications and requirements.

Gain versions incorporate air coil technology to provide major performance benefits

hingemain hinged